Saturday, January 29, 2005

A real multi-function phone

Our link for today comes courtesy of Vodaphone. Japanese products always seem to be a cut of above our own; they look cooler, they have more functions and always come in an anodized silver finish. This cell phone promises a truly unique feature: " It loads the function which can be enjoyed. Translates the feeling of the dog bow phosphorus gal connecting which * 5 It corresponds. The k tie becomes more conveniently more pleasant." We're not sure if will help you tell your dog to sit in its own bow-wow language or if it helps you get girls. It also advertises a direct conncetion with the Higher Power by connecting you to the "Maker's Voice."

Click here the view the phone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Harmony Candy?

A wide array of yummy treats awaits those visiting Japan. Here are a few , accompanied with translated descriptions. I am especially interested in the small cake, described as "now the river burning half ardently burning bean jam." Mmmm...tasty! And only XXYen and 940, includes tax!

You can view the link here.

Monday, January 24, 2005

USB Head Massager

What could be more exciting than a USB powered head massager?

The product claims:

"The head becoming tired, being sick * & * something there is no pleasant thing in we would like, * & * everyday life to refresh? Or oral habit * & * such a dejected every day the bull bull っ and the changing ち ゃ う, the bull bull rammer of the comfortable GOODs becoming USB connection possible, -!"

It took us awhile to figure out that "bull bull rammer" means head massager. We think the Japanese name is alot more fun.

Check out the Google translation here.