Thursday, February 10, 2005

Shibuya Boxxxx

Friendly Metro Directions from your local Shibuya God
The Tokyo Shibuya Ku God south 2-1-1
Head of JR line / Keio well / the Tokyu east horizontal line * new Tamagawa line / Tokyo metro Ginza line * semi- warehouse gate line Shibuya station
From bee public oral open space walking 12 minute. The Q-FRONT and the Seibu department store it advances straight to the left hand, it turns left with the divergence position which is Marui city, the hill (according to the park) climbs to ??? direction. It passes before the Shibuya public hall and the hippodrome entrance which crosses the pedestrian crossing (the Shibuya mouth) it passes through the open space which is the right hand, * the movable Internet coffee @FUTURE of open coffee style and meeting place
of establishment
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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to your blog?!? I was really enjoying this!

How are you kids doing? I hope you're well and having a good year. How does it feel to be married for almost a year now?

Hope to hear from you!