Saturday, July 16, 2005

Google Poo

Just a silly observation here - I added Google Ads to the page a few weeks ago in a vain effort to earn some money to buy the nifty toys we find while 'researching' items for our blog. I've been keeping an eye on the results lately and I am bemused to see that based on the content of the site Google deems the most effective ads to be:

1 - Related to hazardous materials and their disposal.
2 - Dog poo cleanup items
3 - Composters

I really hope this isn't the typical impression our faithfull readers are getting of our site even if the worlds premier search engine seems to think we are all about poo. At least search results from Google related to waste don't seem to be brining people here with misguided expectations.

I'll try no to interpret this as a sign.

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